Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Firebird download page
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi Pavel, all,

> > > Is that the kind of page that we are discussing? I thought the point
> > > was having a page more easily accessible for newcomers - i.e. those
> > > that ask "where can I find Firebird for Windows/Linux?" and "how do I
> > > use/administer this database?". Sure, it should be updated
> > > occationally (though I think the time issue is more 'Martijn, can you
> > > check if there are any new official releases to put onto our web page
> > > when you get back from holiday' than 'alert, this must be updated
> > > within 24 hours'), but those interested in the latest beta releases
> > > could be directed to SourceForge.
> > >
> > > Or am I just rambling on out of ignorance?
> >
> > I fully agree.
> >
> > The RCs are more of a SourceForge download page issue, while
> > a simple download page with all _released_ version can be listed
> > and can be updated fairly quick after a new release, _before_ putting
> > "Jada v2.0 released" on ... Or am I rambling too?
> The problem is that there is only and only one Download link / menu item
> at the main page, and I hate to add another one or impose more levels of
> indirection. So, this sole link, where should take you to ? To up-to-date
> brief one or more polished outdated one ? Either way you'll take it, you
> will confuse or create a space to confuse someone.

The "problem" currently is, that we attracted a lot of newbies to Firebird.
I guess you agree on that one. Next, they have trouble finding the download,
heck, even I have trouble finding the 1.5 download, and trouble finding
downloads for drivers et all. Second, they run into trouble with regard to
any available GUI tools (yes, we've been there before, a Fb Admin is
in the making, but not any time soon). From the page, none
of the above items are clear. Really, they aren't.

As for the "outdated" issue:

What about


- To get access to the latest betas, Release Candidates or nightly builds,
click here (goes to area, for pro-users)

- Select from the following (goes down with a #server etc):
- Firebird Server
- Java driver
- .NET driver
- ODBC driver
- etc whatever other products we have

Firebird Server
Select one of the following:

- Firebird 1.5 installer / mirrors
- Firebird 1.0.3 installer / mirrors

- Firebird 1.5 installer / mirrors
- Firebird 1.0.3 installer / mirrors


The "mirrors" link links to the Sourceforge downloads pages with
a large list of SF mirrors.

Would this be the best of both worlds? People who _want_ to get the
latests, can get it at Sourceforge, while novice Fb users have a clear
overview of the available products/projects and versions.

> We were at all that before, more than once. Believe me, we were :-) But I
> still listen to your arguments.


With regards,

Martijn Tonies