Subject Alert: Open Software publicity effort
Author Doug Chamberlin
The message below is something the Firebird project should jump on. We
should be sure to get Firebird onto this CD.

>In an effort to step up the marketing effort for Free and Open Source
>Software (FOSS), a small group of us have formed
>with the aim of organizing a global celebration of FOSS on August 28th
>this year. We will be handing out printed materials and CDs with good
>quality FOSS, like TheOpenCD and Knoppix. We hope to involve a large
>number of teams, comprised of LUG members and other enthusiasts all
>around the world. Our role will be to help coordinate the event and
>provide the required infrastructure, including a web portal, posters and
>fliers, and most importantly, high quality (pressed) CDs that local
>teams can give out to the general public on Software Freedom Day.
>We hope that you will be able to join us in organizing local events in
>your area and in developing these ideas further in the months to come.
>August may seem a long way off, but we have lots of work to do before
>then. Please stop by our website,, for more
>information and to share your ideas. If you would like to launch a team
>in your area, please place a note in our forum, so that others can find
>you and join up.
>Best wishes,
> Matt Oquist & The SFD Team
>Also see an article at OSNews:
> :
> Celebrating Free Open Source Software in a Community Near You