Subject OT Firebird and Oracle
Author Ian A. Newby
Hi Folks,
Just some OT questions regarding Oracle and Firebird. I have been
asked by a (large) client if I can produce our application running
on Oracle. It currently runs on Firebird. My initial thoughts are
that it should be possible, but a number of things cause me concern.

1. Selectable Stored Procedures (SSP)
We use SSPs in a number of places. Does oracle have similar
functionality, if so what is it.

2. Before and After Triggers.
I believe oracle has these, but would appreciate any
differences/pitfalls to watch out for.

3. Development Tools.
Do you need to buy any development tools for Oracle, or does it come
with some. ie I use IBExpert mainly to develop Firebird Databases,
is there similar functionality in the Oracle database or do I need
to buy an add on.

Anything else to bear in mind.

Ian Newby