Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Has Anyone Ever Linked FB's DLL With Microsoft C++?
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:34 AM 8/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi Folks:
>I asked this in the support group Saturday, I'm not
>getting much response to the questions I ask there.
>I realize, nobody is paying anybody to help me. I
>need to make a decision if I'm on the wrong track.

Started to answer it but realised it was the wrong answer. Clicked the
Send button by mistake.

>I have now spent 2 weeks failing to get my test program
>to link to FB embedded using this download:
>I've found that Microsoft's Visual C++ 6.0 adds a
>leading underscore to it's exported symbols. A dumpbin
>of the FB DLL shows no leading underscore on the symbols
>it exports.
>How are users of MSVC linking the Firebird DLL?

This isn't the right list. Support is the right one, but you picked a
weekend when the news mirror was offline.

>I'm thinking of a full build from source. But the
>source is only available in something called a "BZ2"
>format. I haven't had any luck finding a utility that
>will expand a BZ2 file. Can someone point me to a site
>that has a Windows BZ2 utility?

Sorry I'm no help on the MVCPP scene but you could ask a low-noise question
on Firebird-devel regarding these linking problems. After all, the Windows
executables are built with C++ 6.0. Make it a bit clearer what you're
asking. I can't tell whether your problem relates to building a server or
writing a client application. Firebird Embedded is a server and the client
library rolled together. It uses the same client API as any other Firebird
client application. If the latter, it's a support issue.

Have you read the InterBase 6 API Guide? You can pick that up from the
InterBase page at