Subject Has Anyone Ever Linked FB's DLL With Microsoft C++?
Author barfingdog2004
Hi Folks:

I asked this in the support group Saturday, I'm not
getting much response to the questions I ask there.
I realize, nobody is paying anybody to help me. I
need to make a decision if I'm on the wrong track.

I'm not familiar with Yahoo groups. I don't
understand the Yahoo search mechanism. I can do a
pretty good search of the Usenet groups with Google,
and could find a thread with "link" in the title and
"leading underscore" in the text. So if this has
been asked and answered, please help me find the
thread in this or the support groups.

I'm a Unix programmer working in the unfamiliar
Windows environment, that slows things down. Now I'm
spending too much time trying to add a database to
an application for a client.

Unicode and an embedded server are attractive features
for this laptop application. The price is right for
the small project too. I'm open to suggestions for
alternatives to Firebird if it's not the right DB for
this project.


I have now spent 2 weeks failing to get my test program
to link to FB embedded using this download:

I've found that Microsoft's Visual C++ 6.0 adds a
leading underscore to it's exported symbols. A dumpbin
of the FB DLL shows no leading underscore on the symbols
it exports.

How are users of MSVC linking the Firebird DLL?

I'm thinking of a full build from source. But the
source is only available in something called a "BZ2"
format. I haven't had any luck finding a utility that
will expand a BZ2 file. Can someone point me to a site
that has a Windows BZ2 utility?

The UPS on my Solaris PC died yesterday, but I can
press that system into service if it's easier to get BZ2
for a Unix system.