Subject Re: [Firebird-general] A thread on b.p.i.g
Author Aage Johansen
Ann W. Harrison wrote:

>>Someone posted this on borland.public.interbase.general today:
> Ziemowit wrote:
> Is Interbase a further development, port or just a case of
> reverse-engineering of Digital's RDB in some version?
> Interesting question and the answer is none of the above.
> ... [explanation snipped for brevity]

The "original poster" responded with:
Wait now... So the "renegades" were working on what has become Rdb/ELN?
Unfortunately, I have no experience of Rdb/ELN whatsoever, only Rdb/VMS...

The thing that made me curios was the overall layout of system relations in
Interbase, as this layout mimics RDB/VMS very closely. My curiosity was
further augmented by the usage of the prefix "RDB$" which (as I only
started to understand now) does not stand for DEC's RDB, but for Relational
DataBase in general. Correct?

As far as the coding language... Yes, I know that DEC used BLISS for Rdb.
On the other hand, the new Rdb8 was re-coded in C, as far as I am aware;
the goal was - of course - to port it to Unix and WNT. Unfortunately, the
project was scrapped by Oracle.

Anyway, thanks for the explanations! :-)