Subject A thread on b.p.i.g
Author Aage Johansen
Someone posted this on borland.public.interbase.general today:
I happened to have a look "under the hood" of Interbase by looking into the
system relations etc. And now I have a question that somebody - I hope -
can answer:
Is Interbase a further development, port or just a case of reverse-
engineering of Digital's RDB in some version? I know Oracle was working to
port RDB to Windows and Unix/Ultrix (version 8.0 that never left beta-
stage). I am just very curious as there are still lots of people that
consider RDB the best relational database ever made.
So, any comments from anybody who knows or just has a clue?

Rob S. answered
The original author of InterBase was on the RDB team at DEC and left to
set up InterBase. At one time you they had the same api interface.

And the original poster wrote:
and why the RDB$ prefix in database's own internal relations... ;-)
...and why the internal relations have almost identical layout to what I
remember from my time with RDB... ;-))
I am glad some part of DEC is till alive, although in some other shape.
Good luck!

Aage J.