Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Re: Building a firebird console
Author Chad Z. Hower
:: I believe some earlier discussions on a tool stopped (maybe) because
:: one/some/many did not want it to be dependent on some 3rd party
:: non-OpenSource connection components.

I can understand that - but I think it doesn't matter what the source
depends on, as long as it works and the EXE is "neutral".

Whether or not you ship source to it, is really a mute issue IMO.

:: For a StopGap, maybe one could bundle a few commercial tools using free
:: personal/limited versions or time limited trial versions. One could

Its better than now, but this will:

A) Confuse the user with too many options.
B) Bloat the install.
C) Make it appear that FB cant create even a simple tool themselves.

:: Why not include IBOconsole. It's free, those coming from IB and
:: IBconsole
:: might feel 'at home', and it really isn't a competitor to the commercial
:: tools. Just state that what is provided isn't really a part of Fb.

Im not familiar with IBOConsole (I am familiar with IBO), but it sounds like
a very good idea.