Subject Re: [Firebird-devel] Problems
Author Nando Dessena

C> :: I believe the confusion Chad is talking about might be concrete among
C> :: new users. I experience (and try to cure) this same confusion in new


C> :: users all the time, but can the project recognise there might be
C> :: somethiong to address? If so, can anything be done about it? If so,
C> :: what?

C> Alter IBPhoenix website a bit to clarify this.

this is not up to the project, though. It's up to the IBPhoenix folks.
I'm sure they could use some suggestions from end users like you about
what exactly is generating confusion and should be changed.

C> And the reason I originally posted on FB-devel is this excerpt from
C> IBPhoenix:
C> " so any problems, please feel free to provide feedback to the
C> firebird-development list"

Every contribution is welcome and accepted. As a moderator, Helen is
rightfully concerned about the "noise" in what is meant to be a
communication channel among developers, especially when there's a long
overdue release to put out.

Since its creation that list has grown to a communication channel
between developers and the rest of the community. I think this is
valuable and should be encouraged, if for no other reason that it will
get the project more developers.

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