Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Firebird administration GUI tool
Author marius popa
Tiberiu Atudorei wrote:
>>don't know if it works on mac, linux ,solaris ... (you know the other
>>good side of the os world..)
> Au contraire, my romanian brother (hello Romania, wherever you are! I'm from
> Ploiesti). As a matter of fact I am a linux fan, member of the romanian
> linux users group. And at the romanian linux conference 2003 in mid december)
> I had a lecture about Firebird ("Open-source enterprise-level applications:
> Firebird RDBMS and Compiere ERP System").
> On the other hand, IBExpress indeed is a windows product. But my windows is
> in fact a vmware instalation because I found that the marriage between FB 1.5
> and Win XP Professional was not meant in heaven (and I'm noreferring to the
> .gdb -> .fdb file extension issue). So it works on linux too (in vmware :).
> Tiberiu

hello :)

oh great , i have read something about conference in linux magazine
also thinking of writing then sending an article about firebird to them
in the near future...

I try to avoid windows whenever i can , so a native admin tool for linux
is needed for this we started the fbmanager on sf