Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Papers on Mozilla Firebird vs Firebird
Author Helen Borrie
Hello Andrew,

At 02:44 PM 7/02/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>Monday isby now approaching.
>We'll then know if Mozilla is going to have one
>word or just does what it wants.
>As I said sometime ago, if the deadline's not
>respected, I'll publish an Anti-Mozilla Firebird campaign.
>Thus, please send me *privately* a paper with the different
>views on the topic. I'd like commettee members also to
>write down a page or so, but I'd like the view of the most
>part of members involved in the thing.
>Since this's going to be published on TUESDAY, you have till
>monday to write it down.
>Please bear in mind that these will only be published IF
>Mozilla isn't going to do facts after their words.
>Plus, if someone has a copy of all the mail discussion taken here in
>this respect, please forward them to me.
>I'll publish *everything*.
>P.S. Does any of you know which is the Mozilla Firebird agent

In fact, a member of the Mozilla board did approach us (Admin and
Foundation members) through Ann Harrison last month, explaining that they
had applied to use a different trade name for their browser. It might take
some weeks or months to get approval and he asked us to agree to let them
use "Mozilla Firebird" for their new sub-release to save them from a lot of
work to re-brand their browser twice.

It was discussed vigorously for several days. The concensus was that, no,
with our own major release about to go, the harm that's already been done
to dilute *our* branding and the patience we had already exercised over
such a long period, we couldn't agree to it. We offered to help them with
the transition.

The two alternative (and less preferred) plans offered by Mozilla were to
delay their sub-release until their new trademark was "in the clear" or to
release on schedule using another, temporary name.

We didn't get any further communication from Mozilla. However, as they
have announced that they are proceeding with the sub-release, we must
assume, in good faith, that it will be according to one or another or these
two options and Mozilla Firebird is about to disappear.

So do hold your horses, Andrew. Try to anticipate a good outcome.