Subject Papers on Mozilla Firebird vs Firebird
Monday isby now approaching.

We'll then know if Mozilla is going to have one
word or just does what it wants.

As I said sometime ago, if the deadline's not
respected, I'll publish an Anti-Mozilla Firebird campaign.

Thus, please send me *privately* a paper with the different
views on the topic. I'd like commettee members also to
write down a page or so, but I'd like the view of the most
part of members involved in the thing.

Since this's going to be published on TUESDAY, you have till
monday to write it down.

Please bear in mind that these will only be published IF
Mozilla isn't going to do facts after their words.

Plus, if someone has a copy of all the mail discussion taken here in
this respect, please forward them to me.

I'll publish *everything*.

P.S. Does any of you know which is the Mozilla Firebird agent