Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Firebird administration GUI tool
Author Nando Dessena

L> There is the firebird-tools list that was set up for just
L> this purpose, but has not had much support!

I keep forgetting it! Let's move there, then.

L> I think the main reason IS that there are some very good
L> free tools already existing and probably a better range of
L> support than MySQL (well I can try)

The point is not what people choose once they are in; the problem we
should be trying to solve is how to let people in. Many
of us think that a simple GUI console is a must to catch a high
percentage of potential users.

L> Personally I'm using ibWebAdmin for remote monitoring of
L> many sites, and it meets all the above points :) Only
L> problem is you need Apache/PHP installed ;)

Which rules it out since it doesn't meet the second point. Unless
we're going to provide Apache bundled with Fb as Oracle does, that is.
But you sure may know or guess what the size of an Oracle "lite" setup is.

Furthermore, I wouldn't want anything with "IB" in its name. We're
trying to differentiate.

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