Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Building a firebird console
Ann W. Harrison wrote:
> The problem is that several of the significant contributors to
> Firebird also develop front ends - some freeware, some commercial.
> At some point there's a loss of will to spend much effort competing
> with our friends.

That's why, imho:

1) Developers involved in this GUI should be detatched from
other projects of this kind,

2) This GUI shall not be a "all-for-all" tool, but just an
introductory tool to the database.

This point is backed from the following considerations:

A) A "techie" user will read the documentation and won't use a
GUI or he's likely to have his own tool. In case, he'll surely lean
forward some ready available third party tool.

B) A non techie user will most probably just "go for the good" and
won't use SP or triggers, or if he wants to he'll lean towards
nice front-ends.

> I do take your point about the blackness of the box after a
> fresh install...

Thx :-)

> Regards,


> Ann