Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Building a firebird console
Martijn Tonies wrote:
> 1) Should it display some kind of tree/lists of existing objects?

I would use a hierarchical list view or a master/detail one.

> 2) Should it do SQL only?

At first, yes.

> 3) Should it do Services stuff (backup/restore etc)

Yes, as well( in future ) as having some kind of XML
persistence, which should in turn be added to Firebird
engine. I'm not thinking of a complete XML solution like
SQLServer, just "data batch addition" through XML or
something like that - if you get the idea.

> What's the point with not including a changed version of
> IBOConsole (IBConsole) solely for Firebird?

IBConsole is anyway a third-party product, we ought to
have an "official" one, imho.

> With regards,


> Martijn Tonies

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