Subject Eclipse 3 on SableVM Java Virtual Machine!
Author marius popa
from Grzegorz Prokopski blog

Whois gadek

"Other things I've done during last years were ranging from simple fixes
for Star NL-10 support in GhostScript, thru making NCPFS locks working
for Dosemu, till spending a month unpaid *full-time packaging Firebird
RDBMS for Debian* ;-)

The joined efforts of SableVM JVM hackers and GNU Classpath hackers
finally allowed Eclipse 3 to run on SableVM!. According to what Etienne
told me, he was running Eclipse 3 on his Debian PowerPC for a few hours,
including editing, compiling and running simple java programs. And all
that using SableVM as the only Java Virtual Machine on his laptop. I
wish I had some more time now to try it on myself. WoW!


Marius - linux admin