Subject fbserver.exe running 98% CPU cycle
Author Dixon Epperson
Client called this morning. Said his networked applications were
extremely slow. I tunneled in and saw that the fbserver was taking
98% of the CPU cycle. I rebooted the server at which point System
Idle began taking 98% of CPU cycles and the responsiveness of the
server returned to normal.

Here are the stats:
Client Application written in Delphi7 using IBExpress
Firebird version is 1.5 (installed as SuperServer)
Database size about 30 megabytes
Hyperthreading is supposed to be off (can't check that via the tunnel)
1 gig ram
Intel 3.0 p4
OS is WinXP Pro
4 clients were attached, but their work load was minimal, like lookup
an invoice, print an invoice, etc
No scheduled task. (at least that I could find)

This is the second time it has happened he said. If he leaves it
alone for about an hour, it settles down and everything returns to

Any ideas on what could be causing this and how to fix it?

Dixon Epperson