Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Managing Firebird databases
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi Sean,

> > <description of nifty NBackup features snipped>
> >
> > The backup features, especially the speed, sound wonderful. Should we
> > expect comparable performance on the restore side as well?
> Most definitely!!
> At the very least because there is no need to rebuild the database
> indexes!
> NBackup creates a backup of the database pages, not the data rows (which
> GBak does). Accordingly, the backup would contain the indexes at the
> time of backup, so the indexes would be in place on the restore.
> In general NBackup would also be faster because;
> - For image backups, there is no restore! The backup is already a full
> database.
> - For incremental backups, you need to start with a full/image backup
> and then apply the incrementals to it. Since the incrementals only
> contain pages which changed from the last backup, the restore will be

Just to get it right, NBackup won't do any kind of
house-keeping at all?

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