Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Managing Firebird databases
Author Leyne, Sean

> <description of nifty NBackup features snipped>
> The backup features, especially the speed, sound wonderful. Should we
> expect comparable performance on the restore side as well?

Most definitely!!

At the very least because there is no need to rebuild the database

NBackup creates a backup of the database pages, not the data rows (which
GBak does). Accordingly, the backup would contain the indexes at the
time of backup, so the indexes would be in place on the restore.

In general NBackup would also be faster because;

- For image backups, there is no restore! The backup is already a full

- For incremental backups, you need to start with a full/image backup
and then apply the incrementals to it. Since the incrementals only
contain pages which changed from the last backup, the restore will be