Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Poll Results
Author marius popa
Lester Caine wrote:
>> Lester, what is this site? Small club? I'm surprised with final amount of participants, all mentioned engines have at least thousands
>>of users. I expected MySQL will beat all another at least twice, firstly, it have long usage history, secondly, amount of developers of
>>small web applications must be much more than developers of complicated systems on control of orgaizations behaviour and so non.
> is actually quite a useful general
> Some of the other categories had larger 'turnouts' so
> perhaps databases are just not 'interesting' ?
> But any opportunity to promote Firebird should be used :)

At least we beat the postgresql there :)
The main target is to increase the visibility of the project outside in
the wild (Show them there is a better choice)

Linux was only a invisible *bug* on the microsoft radar but look where
is it now :an big angry biting pinguin going next to them .

The complexity of the web applications is increasing (java2ee,huge
shops, .etc) so there is a place for firebird there ...