Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Firebird corrupts databases more often?
Author Ann W. Harrison
David Garamond wrote:

>First of all, a forward apology. Do not mean to turn any rock that
>shouldn't been turned.

No problem. Gave me a chance to write a long rambling message to the
postgres list explaining that you can run a database with code in the user
process. I've also explained that the corrupt databases I've seen are
either InterBase 5.6, which has two spectacular bugs, or Firebird on
Windows with forced writes off and no UPS. Since Firebird, unlike
InterBase, installs with forced writes on on windows, we have less of that
problem than we would otherwise. 1.5 causes Windows to flush its cache on
a regular basis, which will also help.

>Ann, what is the most common causes of IB/FB database corruption from
>your experience:
>1. running on Win9x;
>2. threadedness;
>3. embedded (application fault);
>4. older versions of IB;

Old versions of IB. There's no problem with threadedness or
embeddedness. Old versions of windows are unaesthetic, but don't cause

>Is CS on Linux (or even Windows) the way to go for maximum reliability?

No. Don't use InterBase 5.6, or if you do, don't use it on Windows and do
keep an eye on file size. On Windows, either use 1.5, forced writes, or a UPS.


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