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Yes with firebird and TL System

In next release, you can create tables and fields in TL System. And you
can create new table back of any field.. News structures are found now.



You can create links, files, and directories now. But all elements
(files, links..) are directories or have a directory down that. You can
create new elements in those directories. If you create an element with
type table, you can create new elements down it. News elements of type
fields. And down of those elements you can write records of data.. files
or news tables. Remember, all elements have directory. Down of this
records you can create news tables.. news structures..

The table name is the element name (how in files..)
The field name.. is the element name (down the table)
The record data is the element name or a file with data.(name for title)

The records are linked with link field (in sys_files table) and type of
element is stored in is_file field.

if is_file = 0 element is a file with data.
if is_file = 1 element is a directory.
if is_file = 2 element is a link to file.
link = number of this destination file
if is_file = 6 element is a table
if is_file = 7 element is a field
if is_file = 8 element is a record data.
link = record number inside of this table. Al record fields have this
number for a same record.

All with next release of Top Level System.
And more docs with install instructions of database, service, web file

Any comment ?



German Aracil