Subject Re: So much for Mozilla dropping Firebird
Author brendaneich
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> Brendan,
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> > That document does not conform to the Mozilla branding document we
> > published during 1.4 (
> > I'll make sure it gets fixed to use the right name. Sorry about
> How about the message about Firebird being a project code-name?
> What's the current story on that? Wasn't it to be dropped as of
> June/July 2003?

Although Mozilla 1.4 released, the Mozilla 1.5 trunk (moving toward
beta) is still building and distributing the integrated app-suite, and
even without Netscape, we have a bunch of people (volunteers and at
several companies) still working on that "browser".

Plus, we have been extremely busy getting the Mozilla Foundation set
up, planning machine moves, etc. The timing of more branding changes
depends on a lot of things that haven't happened yet. I will report
back here when I have more solid information.