Subject QT Driver
Author Paul Beach
I got this from a developer in Europe, and wondered if there was any interest in
it, and whether we should consider adding the code to the sourceforge tree.
Assuming of course people will use the code and continue to develop it.

<<We have been using Firebird in development of our applications. We have
developed Firebird driver for Qt and we wander if you the source code could
be of interest to you......>>

<<Qt has general layer of database access, the drivers allow to connect
transparently (almost) to specific database engines (at this moment Qt has
drivers for 5 databases including PostgreSQL, MySql and Oracle).
At this moment the driver for Firebird supports most of types (but not all,
e.g it does not support the BLOB type, as we do not need it), but adding new
types is quite simple. The driver has around 1000 lines of code.>>