Subject How to disable cache or make server running faster ?
Author Artur
Would you please help me in a general problem witch many firebird's users
can have (I thimk) ?
Maybe I found a bug or I dont know how to tune firebird server ?
I have Firebird 1.3 Classic instaled on Limux. I call many times the same
stored procedure, witch insterts and deletes very large amount of different
records in a table. All is Ok (the procedure run fast) as long as cache
(server buffres) is not filled. Then next calls of then procedure slow down
very much. When I make garbage collection (gfix -sweep) or backup/restore
the calls are as fast as at the beginning (I thnink because of buffers are
making empty) . I tried to tune the server changing buffers (making them
0, 50 or 10000 pages large), disabling auto-garbage collection
(gfix -housekiping 0), but this does not solve the problem. The machine the
server run is very fast, has much memory. Maybe I could disable the cache,
but how to do it ?
- Artur