Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Logo work continues
Author Robert (Jamie) Munro
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> Subject: RE: [Firebird-general] Logo work continues
> I think these are issues that need serious addressing.
> I always thought it was being built as an Oracle equivalent?
> It sure runs as fast as it.
> What do people think of the issues:
> Security?
> Scalability?
> Incremental Backup?
> Will it ever be considered an 'Enterprise RDBMS'? I sure hope so!

It just occurred to me that you can use my FiBRE for incremental backup.
It's designed for asynchronous replication - where changes are stored in a
file that you e-mail / FTP / post on a floppy to your other office. If
instead of passing the file on, you simply archived it, you could apply it
to the last full backup of the database.

Is anyone interested in doing this? All it would take is a couple of minor
alterations so that you can export packets destined for yourself, rather
than other servers in a multi-server system.

Robert Munro