Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Logo work continues
Author David Garamond
ok, here's my take on it:

1. i thought we already have a logo/mascot (the "bird")? so i assume
nig's project is about creating the small banner/button to be placed on
websites (the "Powered By" button).

2. i'd prefer having these elements in the button: a) the
red/orange/yellow colors; b) the logo/the bird itself; c) the official
typeface/font, since they are all associative of the logo/mascot itself.
nig's array of buttons don't seem to have any of these. what are the
reasoning behind blue-grayish background color, a different font, and no
mascot/logo anyway?

3. i personally don't like the words "Enterprise RDMBS" and "Storage
By". the second sounds kind of... sorry, silly to me. if i were the one
to make the button, i'd just say "Powered By Firebird".


Nigel Weeks wrote:

> A great big thankyou to all the comments and suggestions so far!
> your ideas have been rendered(as well as my ability allows), and posted on
> the site.
> When you get a chance, take another squiz!
> p.s. Should I put peoples comments on the bottom of the page so people can
> read others' feelings