Subject UDFs problem
Author gh_patil
I am using the UDFs for idNvl & sNvl. The query is successfully
executed using IBConsole utility.But, when it is being executed thr'
code (ASP.Net) then it gives an error -

Unable to complete network request to host "localhost"

But if the same code without using the UDFs is executed, it works
fine. Whether we are required to take some specific care while
creating UDFs or Whether we need to use the same name of UDF as that
of entry point in the module?

Is it because of locking? When UDF is used, whether it gets a lock on
the table/database? If so, how to release the lock acquired by
UDF.May be I am totally wrong.

Urgently help needed. Because I need to use both the UDFs into my