Subject Re: [Firebird-general] FireBird Vs MySQL
Author Lorenzo Mengoni
Wilfried Atgé wrote:

>I really nead an help ...
>we are about too choose a database and we are hesitating between
>MySQL and FireBird...
>We are building a Ticketing solution working in
>a pseudo peer2peer mode....
>Please post your arguments ...
I think, in my opinion, that could depende on what system you are
inteded to use to develop your project.
I prefer Firebird by it's reliability and the good architecture of the
I have installation that I could forgot about and them still works for
The advanced feature of SQL servers like triggers and stored procedure
and user defined functions are built in.
The multi geneational architecture is optimal with councurrent data
I think that the only thing where mysql is bettr is in the fact that
php, python and perl are better supported because ther are a lot of
applications made by.
I think that whatever system you are going to use, the way you approach
the work it's the most important thing. I've seen good works and bad
works either in Firebird and mysql. Some of the most popular cms I've
seen in php-mysql have lacks in database design.
A bad design meke you work difficault, no matter the system you use.
Personally I use Delphi and with Firebird I get excellent results.
I tryed to get a look at mysql and some cms written in php, like Tiki,
but I found difficault to make them work in stable way.
Finally, I think that Firebird it's a more realiable, rich of feature
and easy to manage in deploying solution to clients.

Regards, Lorenzo (