Subject RE: [Firebird-general] FireBird Vs MySQL
Author Robert (Jamie) Munro
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> Subject: [Firebird-general] FireBird Vs MySQL
> Hello,
> I really nead an help ...
> we are about too choose a database and we are hesitating between
> MySQL and FireBird...
> We are building a Ticketing solution working in
> a pseudo peer2peer mode....
> Please post your arguments ...
> Thanks

MySQL: Better documentation, larger userbase (so you can find people who
already know about it, more stuff works with it etc.), better ODBC drivers
(you can use MS Access to connect to it and make simple forms etc.),
although there is a commercial ODBC driver which is supposed to be quite

Firebird: Much better database product. MySQL doesn't even come close to
competing at the database level.

What on earth do you mean by a "pseudo peer2peer mode"?

Robert Munro