Subject Announce: FiBRE - FireBird Replication Engine first public beta
Author Robert (Jamie) Munro
FiBRE, the only free replication solution for the interbase database has now
released it's first public beta version.

* Asynchronous replication system for Firebird databases (and probably
interbase, but interbase is untested) released under the GPL
* No connectivity required between databases for Sync - you can
replicate by e-mail or even mailing floppy discs if you want.
* Written in Java, using JayBird JDBC drivers, so should work on any
platform (currently tested on Win32)
* Supports partitioning (partial replication) so that not all servers
in the system need to get all the data (not documented yet, but it
does work)
* Uses XML to package data for transfer, making it human readable, and
therefore easy to debug.
* Uses a numeric ID field in each table, all populated by a single
generator to track which rows have had changes.
* Field level logging, to reduce conflicts and the amount of data that
needs to be transferred.

Still to do:
* GUI interface (currently it's all command line)
* BLOB support
* Conflict resolution tool (conflicts are logged in machine / human
readable XML files)

If you want to try it, you can download it from:

A How-To, explaining how to get started with the examples provided is
available here:

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Robert Munro