Subject Re: Firebird and Kylix
> From: Lester Caine <lester@...>
> Subject: Re: Firebird and Kylix
> > I was all set to start an application using Firebird, Delphi and IBO
> > but now my partner wants to target for linux as well as win32.
> >
> > Are other people using Kylix and Firebird? If so, what database
> > components are you using?
> As an alternative to Martijn's comment - I am currently at
> the same decision point.
> Firebird on Linux is magic, and accessing it via Apache/PHP
> works fine. The question I am stuck at is "Is Kylix going
> anywhere?"
> Putting all the nice IBO graphical stuff over will be a lot
> of work, and if Kylix does not 'evolve' then it is a waste
> of effort, so I am actually looking at Qt and KDevelop
> rather than Kylix. It's not directly compatible with
> Windows, but at least it uses the latest libraries and works
> with the latest distributions.
> Anybody else in the same dilemma?
I made the same conclusion, but for now, I have not try using KDevelop yet, but
it's seems that with PHP, it is the best choice.
I think we will have more developpers using Kdevelop then Kylix.