Subject RE: [Firebird-general] History
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello Thomas,

>> Is Kylix generating the revenue, margin contrinbution and market
>> share originally envisaged in the business plan?
> I don't think so ;-).
> Well, that's a German thingy only, but getting an "official" Kylix 3
> Prof. German for 19,95 EUR, is incredible, but surely a losing deal
> for Borland.

But a great deal for us!

BTW, thanks for your posting about this in interbase.ibobjects last
month. I read it and wondered what the catch would be, but there
wasn't any. Ordered it, got it two days later.

They were even too lazy - or too philanthropical - to charge me extra
for shipment abroad. Not that these few euros would have mattered, but
this enhances the general feeling of pleasure about the deal :-)

On the other hand... if Kylix doesn't make it, that's bad news.

Paul Vinkenoog

(certified bargain hunter)