Subject Data Modeling Essentials: bad and good news
Author Helen Borrie
For those following up the lead to Graeme Simsion's book "Data Modeling
Essentials: Analysis, Design and Innovation", that I recommended in the
Database Design track at the Fulda conference, the bad news is that the
publisher (Coriolis) went broke and the book is shown on Amazon and Barnes
and Noble websites as Out of Print.

The *!*!*good news*!*!* is that the author acquired all of the remaining
stock and is able to supply it directly, for 50 Euros including postage and

Contact Graeme Simsion directly at one of these email addresses:

Don't forget to mention that you're a Firebird user...

Graeme is now working on a Third Edition for Morgan and Kaufmann, so bad
news really does sometimes turn into good news.