Subject Random feature idea - extending dialects
Author Robert (Jamie) Munro
I don't know if this is the right group to discuss this, or if this idea is
in any way practical or sensible, but anyway:

Has anyone considered expanding the dialect system to allow firebird to
emulate other database's dialects. I would propose that instead of 1,2,3 we
have named plug-in dialects that exist in DLL files or something, like UDFs.
Dialects could include:

* sqlstandard - the most standards compliant we can make it
* firebird - the built in Firebird dialect, with extensions to the standards
based on the capabilities of the engine
* interbase - to keep compatible with new versions of interbase from Borland
* interbaseclassic - the current dialect 1
* msaccess - not case sensitive, put table and field names in [], put
strings in "" etc.
* mysql
* posgresql
* oracle
* db2
* sybase

Robert Munro