Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: HELLO FROM FULDA
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi all,

> > And in case you wonder who's who: From the left we are
> [snip]
> > OK, wonder what Geoff and Phil looks like?
> Not as pretty as you lot <g>

They ARE cute, aren't they? :-)

Couple of surprises:

- I always pictured my fellow Dutchman Martijn as a rather short,
swanky guy with brown curly hair.
Well OK, maybe it _is_ brown and maybe it _does_ curl, but I can't

- Thomas Steinmaurer: in his fifties, with grey hair and that certain
air of calm, somewhat saddened wisdom that some men get with the
years. But maybe that's still to come.

- Jason: the tallest of them all. Maybe because of how his picture is
towering above his website. Eat more spaghetti, Jason!

- Sean: a slim, Celtic type, complete with carrot hair and obligatory
freckles. Hmmmmm... guess I better not hire myself as a psychic :-)

I'd already seen pictures of Helen, so no surprise there. I didn't
have a clear visual image of the others, so they were all surprising
in a sense.

Paul Vinkenoog