Subject Re: [Firebird-general] HELLO FROM FULDA
Author Lucas Franzen
Paul Vinkenoog schrieb:
> Hi Martijn,
> First of all, may I offer my condolences on your not receiving a
> Sparky - whatever THAT may be ;-)
> [ ]
> > Currently, there's a picture of Sean Leynes back and Mark O'Donohue
> Ahh... I've been contemplating that picture for over a day now.
> > But I'm pretty sure they have left the building *g*
> Are you sure? Maybe they're in denial about the conference being
> over. Or maybe they're stunned. Or pining for the fiords. I really
> think someone ought to go back and check on them :-)

In fact it's still a live picture, but from the wax cabinett of the
Holiday Inn.
The staff was so disappointed about our check outs that they decided to
add Sean and Mark to the exhibition...