Author Svein Erling
> I think I'm the first one getting home from Fulda (alive!).

Yup, Artur, you were quicker than some other of us.

> Put BIG sucess on that. :-)

It felt almost surreal to have a Firebird Foundation Committee
meeting live with only Phil and Geoff missing (we were 9 out of 11 at
the conference (from Australia, The Netherlands, Norway, USA, Canada
and Germany, I think - hope I didn't forget someone!)).

> > You know what I'm curious about? About how many people came to the
> > conference. Dozens? Hundreds?
> Not a hundred, but very close. Let's wait for someone with precide

I asked Holger yesterday, and he said that 64 were paying for the
conference, 16 were invited speakers and he and his staff were an
additional four. So in total, I think we were 84 registered at the
conference and then maybe one or two may have attended a few sessions
without being registered (I guess Sara Wharton probably counts for
one such person).

What a great time it was! I think Holger already is thinking about
next year, so just start planning your stay!