Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Invalid BLOB ID (200) -bug in FB ?
Author Daniel Rail

At May 21, 2003, 12:33, ashwiz_za wrote:

> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> At May 21, 2003, 11:50, ashwiz_za wrote:
>> DR>> Is your notes field a blob of type 1 (text)?
>> > No, I have tried with both blob subtype 0 and 1. Same problem. I
> am
>> > using type 0.
>> Thanks for your reply. I've forwarded your reply to Firebird-Devel
>> group, to make sure the developers see it. Also, if you create the
>> database in FB 1.5 RC2, do you still get the error? And, can you
>> create a small test case for the developers to test with?
>> Thanks in advance.

> Hi there. I don't have the problem in RC1, only RC2. I am reverting
> to RC1 for now. I will try create a small test db. ...I will try
> replicate problem with dummy data, can't send any of this data as my
> client will freak, company confidentail...

It would be appreciated. And, totally understandable in regards to
client information. The reason why I'm asking you for a test case, is
that the test case that I've sent to the developers deals with
dropping stored procedures, and the error(same as yours) occurred
during backup. Your test case would test another scenario. And, I
think the more test cases the developers have, the better they can
find the problem. You can send me the test case privately if you

One more thing, I forgot to mention before. This group is mainly used
for general discussions, and sometimes off-topic. For technical
support, you can ask questions on IB-Support Yahoo Groups. And, for FB
1.5 pre-release bug reports or questions, you can ask them on the
Firebird-Devel group
( ). After
the official release of FB 1.5, you can ask your questions on

Have a nice day.

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