Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Mozilla's *Joy?* Of Naming
Author The DeerBear
Claudio Valderrama C. wrote:
> For what I read in another forum, Google tweaked the "Firebird"
> results recently to make them more significative.

And that was fair.

Google did what was to be done.
Giving Firebird DB mainstream links.

> I don't know who mailbombed Mozilla people, but the only time I went
> to slashdot, I read a message like this "look at Firebird stats, they
> are a dead project". Uh? Have you looked at our stats? Dead, us?

I *never* said we're a "dead project".

> Nobody asked to flood Mozilla, but obviously IBP and FB asked
> developers to raise their concerns.

I know that on my own :-)

Since I wasn't sure if it was clear or not, I sent another email specifying
just that.

> If some people were rude... well, this is out of our control. Even if Moz
> were annoyed, the unexpected massive response from FB's user base
> cleared any possible misconception that we were a dead project.

That's another part of what I call "questionable behaviour".

> Tiny, probably.


> Economically insignificant, maybe.

Not sure about this <g>

> But useful and used, nobody could
> dispute that fact.


> They wrote their lawyers give great legal advice. However, it's
> incredible that these lawyers tell them to put TM after a name that
> has been in use for three years, so I don't know how to assess them
> if they don't do basic research.
> ;-)

Again, it gets included in the "questionable behaviour".

> Recently, most of these Firebird(TM) seem to have vanished from their
> site.

That's a step back and a lean towards compromise?
If it is, it's welcome.

> Why didn't they tell Phoenix Technologies (known to us PC users for
> their BIOS)

Please read the emails I sent.

> Very easy to say. Now, back on the real world. There was a person
> from the Debian distro who used Mozilla but didn't use Firebird but
> another RDBMS (postgreSQL, not sure) and was asked to mediate, due to
> an early public letter he wrote trying to help smooth the dispute.

Yeah, Jonathan Walther.

> So, what do I need to tell you? I never knew this person before, so he
> probably isn't a Firebird user at all, as he wrote. The likelihood of
being a
> trojan horse biased towards us is very low, but not on Mozilla's eyes.


As I wrote I think Mozilla is behaving like M$ in the commercial world.
This is *not* in question.

What I mean to say is just that *ON BOTH SIDES* there has to be a
_true_ talk.

I'm not into politics, but I can guess most "politics" talks never is "true"
only a way to keep up with one's own position without any will to come to a
real compromise.

> I continue being a Mozilla Browser user, despite what has happened
> with that project that I admired.

FWIW, I never used Mozilla, I was wanting to try it out but all this
just made me think back.

> C.