Subject Re: [Firebird-general] New priorities change the database race
Author Paul Schmidt
On May 14, 2003 10:04 am, Marius Popa Adrian wrote:
> But just as the leading database makers conquer the technological
> challenges of complicated jobs, they are getting a deflating new
> message from customers who have taken such performance for granted:
> Buyers also want database software that's more reliable, easier to
> manage and cheaper to maintain.

Poor Zdnet, no matter how much they want to push for Microsoft taking
over the world, they still have to admit that someone else, from
somewhere else, can do it, faster, cheaper, and better. I like the one
comment, imagine a Server preloaded with Firebird on Linux! Drop it in,
give it an IP address and go!

Hmmmm, theres an idea for the Firebird project to make some extra cash, a
CD with Linux O/S, just enough Linux to make the OS usable, no compilers,
no GUI, leave out all of the usual junk that comes with it, plus
Firebird, and maybe webmin for administration. Because most of the
usual junk is left out, it would be naturally more hardened then usual.
The installer would ask a couple of simple questions, like IP address to
assign it.

Paul S