Subject Re: [Firebird-general] W3C wants the Web to be a big [xml?] "database"
Author Martijn Tonies
Everything about XQuery and stuff like that is weak...


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> A very strange article about xml "databases"
> "The W3C recommends XML for structuring data, and the task of making XML
behave more like a relational database falls to the organisation's XML Query
working group."
> What do they mean by "behave" like a relational database ?
> It's relational or NOT,just keep it simple .
> "The XML Query working group has been putting together a framework of
documents that provide the technical answer to that question, so that XML
documents can start to look like parts of one massive database."
> The crazyness continue, the documents start looking like a huge "database"
.(I may be cynical and say that : they start looking like a huge tree
database, or a large document at best). The foundation is very weak indeed .