Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Fwd: Use of the name "Firebird"
Author Paul Reeves
On Friday 19 December 2003 13:01, Robert (Jamie) Munro wrote:
> Paul Reeves wrote:
> > On Thursday 18 December 2003 14:02, Robert J Munro wrote:
> >>Paul Reeves wrote:
> >>>Let's talk figures - how much would be enough?
> >>
> >>What about matching all the foundations donations to date?
> >
> > Let me ask again - how much of a donation from the Mozilla foundation
> > would be enough?
> What I meant was that someone looks at the accounts of the foundation.

Yes, I know what you mean, but that doesn't, in my opinion, put a value on
the firebird name. Hence the question - how much would be enough?

Speaking entirely personally, I'd say that my involvement in Firebird
represents a possible loss of earnings of around EUR 75,000 over the last
three years. This is what I probably could have earned if I was a
consultant/developer working with an established brand such as SQL

If the Firebird name changed now it could take another couple of years to
re-establish the new name. So, for me personally, I'd like EUR 125K to
compensate my past and future time investment in Firebird. Everyone else
who feels they have a stake can equally quantify the cost of their time.
If we come up with a figure that is less than EUR 2M I'd be surprised.
And even that would fail to value the name adequately, imo.

Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase