Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Fwd: Use of the name "Firebird"
Author Robert (Jamie) Munro
Paul Reeves wrote:

> On Thursday 18 December 2003 14:02, Robert J Munro wrote:
>>Paul Reeves wrote:
>>>Let's talk figures - how much would be enough?
>>What about matching all the foundations donations to date?
> Let me ask again - how much of a donation from the Mozilla foundation
> would be enough?

What I meant was that someone looks at the accounts of the foundation.
Add up all the income ever. Then use that figure. I don't have access to
the accounts of the foundation, so I can't answer any better than that.
(there is a "Financials..." placeholder at the bottom of the web page
but no link yet, which I assume is the page mentioned in rule 7.b)

Robert Munro