Subject User Linux - comments on the Repairing the Economic Paradigm of Enterprise Linux whitepaper
Author Milan Babuskov

I read your document at:

I must say I agree with most of the stuff you wrote, and really like the
idea. As Open Source developer I'm even considering to contribute to the
project myself.

I have only one issue to bring your attention to:

"Database: MySQL with non-GPL libraries. This departs from the standard
MySQL release in order to facilitate commercial development and
distribution without forcing the user to purchase a MySQL developer
license. Pay MySQL for training and service. I am not a database pro,
and will listen to argument about the merits of other database servers."

I've been using Firebird database server for almost two years now, and
it offers many things that enterprises need and MySQL doesn't support yet.

I have build few database applications that use it and both me and my
customers are very satisfied with it. It is made from Interbase 6.0 code
(many bugfixes and new features), so it's very mature and proven DMBS.
Whoever tried Firebird, they never went back to MySQL for "serious"
development of database applications. MySQL is still good for web
servers where data is simple, and there is just a lot of it. In complex
business environments, things like: triggers, stored procedures,
transactions etc. are not welcome but essential. MySQL still lacks many
of these features.

One of the other important issues is that Firebird has IPL licence,
which makes it free for commercial use.

For more info, visit:

Please consider adding Firebird to database choices. IMHO, both Firebird
and MySQL should be there, since both have their uses for different kind
of problems.


Milan Babuskov