Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Fwd: Use of the name "Firebird"
Author Mark O'Donohue
Hi Martijn, Brendan, and Andrew

Martijn Tonies wrote:
> Hi Andrew, Brendan, everyone,
>>brendaneich wrote:
>>>You're wrong, we will not ship 0.8 under the old name.
> Brendan, for what it's worth, I'm waiting for the .8 release and
> I'm expecting exactly what you said. I cannot speak for others
> [members] of our community, but as you can see/read, there are
> people who are a bit sensitive on the subject and not everyone
> knows what has been said in the past.

I too believe what Brendan said is what will happen, and I see from:

That the 0.8 moz fb will be out in a Dec/Jan timeframe. So it should
not be too long in the future.

It will be nice to put this whole sorry incident behind us.



> Martijn Tonies
> FirebirdSQL Foundation Steering Committee

PS: Martijn (it's been the "Managment Committee" you've been on for over
a year now - the steering committee was prior to incorporation :-).