Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Another Firebird, sorry Mozilla Firebird sighting
Author Mark O'Donohue
Hi Javier

Javier Soques wrote:
> Check this guy=B4s weblog:
> Who does he think he is, stealing Firebird=B4s name.

Ben has always been of the faith that it's theirs for the taking.

This page is quite old, dating from about the first month of their usage
of fb. Im not sure of Ben's current stance, but from his enthusiam in
his work on mozilla's firebird pages, I don't think it's changed too much.

But I suppose were all waiting, I understood it was post "0.7" when
Mozilla are going to make the change.

I did think their new webpages would relect their new direction. But so
far that doesn't seem to have happened

So I would suspect, and hope, that whatever they have planned, it is not
too far away. If thats not the case then some clarification of the
timetable would be helpful.



PS: For the easily amused, I have no idea who Seth is, but it's always
nice to see our project supporting a good cause.
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