Subject XML Links
Author Lester Caine
This is a general question, rather than a how-to support
type question.

I have been trying various PHP platforms over the last few
weeks, with the idea of using them as the basis for my
future web based systems. Some have fallen at the first
hurdle - no development in last 2 years. Some have been
complex and totally MySQL internally, and a few have either
suggested Interbase, or offered Interbase compatibility so
should work with Firebird.

Of the short list, then we still have 'native' MySQL PHP,
but conversion can be done quite easily - provided that the
PHP side does not try and provide all of the basic Firebird
stuff that is missing from MySQL. The second set uses PEARdb
as the base library, quoting compatibility with other
database engines, but I have yet to successfully convert a
PEARdb/MySQL package to give a starting point with Firebird.
The only successful 'conversions' to date is based on the
ADOdb library which fairly easily allows a change of engine.
In fact it has proven easier to convert MySQL -> ADOdb and
then use that to provide compatibility.

So much for the background. Now the problem. Many of these
frameworks provide a means of building a blank database from
an XML reference document, but there is no standardization
in that end of things ( Just as there is no standardization
in the SQL standard ;) ).

I can see a major advantage in having a reference XML
document for this aspect of database design, so is anybody
actually working in that area? I presume from what I am now
learning, that .NET might require such a document as well,
but some general input would be welcome.

( p.s. it would ne nice not to have to change
That change is a pain in every MySQL script :) )

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services