Subject Firebird at major Dutch DBMS conference
Author Marco Bommeljé
Hi all,

"Database Systems" is the major annual conference in the Netherlands
about DBMS trends and technologies. It is visited mainly by IT-staff of
major corporations in the country. I never visited the conference
myself, if only for the fee.

Next year's conference (March 2004) will have a presentation on Open
Source DBMS's as a viable alternative for the well-known commercial
systems. The conference organization has requested me to speak on this
subject, as a follow-up to the article on Firebird that I wrote for a
Dutch-language magazine some months ago.

Obviously, I will propose Firebird as "industry strength" technology fit
for most business applications. However, my knowledge about other Open
Source DBMS technologies (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SapDb and what have you) is
still rather limited. They expect me to say something about those as well.

So here are some questions for those of you who have hands-on experience
with other open source DBMS systems:

* How do they compare with Firebird in terms of:
- reliability (tx-support);
- ease of administration;
- performance and scalability;
- SQL compliance;
- developer support (triggers/procs/events/constraints/assertions..)

Any help will be appreciated.


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-- BCP Software
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