Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Sound problem
Author Artur Anjos

> TITLE='Nothing compares 2 u',

I have follow your advice and now I can get the sound. Thanks.

But I had a problem: I can ear the song, but my fellows that connect to the
same database don't. In firebird-support list, a ^Lady told me that I should
COMMIT. I was really commited to make my browser sing me the song (I'm not a
german with a long hair, but I do like Rock'n'Roll) so I don't understand
very well why, but I did it anyway.

Now I have two problems:

a) Every song in ENVIRONMENT_SETTINGS is now 'nothing compares 2 u' (I even
test this with Internet Explorer and an old phoenix version (not the bios
browser, the web browser!)).

b) Every where I point my browser the song title is always 'nothing compare
2 u', but the sound that comes from my speakers is a song from Whitesnake -
'Would I lie to you?'

Any more suggestions? If you guys don't fix this I think I will switch to
Opera (I have read amazing stories about a great plugin: Castafiore)....